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Here are 9 things you can do to quickly charge your phone

One of the things that buyers pay the most attention to when buying a smartphone is battery charging and all the smartphone makers try their best to make their phone battery fully charged once it is fully charged. Once done, it lasted as long as possible and it took less time for the battery to be fully charged.


While phone companies have been adapting the technology over phone batteries over time to minimize disruption to users’ phone usage, Android phone users have a few things to do with the problem of slow charging of their phones. Can solve.


Here are nine things users can do to charge their phones in less time:


1. Buy a fast charging charger :

One way to quickly charge your Android phone is to buy a fast charger. But before you buy a charger, make sure that your phone supports fast charging.


2. Turn off features like Location, Wi-Fi, and Blue Tooth :

Wi-Fi, Blue Tooth, and other such features consume a fair amount of battery. Turning off these features can significantly increase the speed of phone charging.


3. Charge the phone with a wall socket instead of a USB port :

USB ports in cars, laptops, and other devices usually provide insufficient charging. In contrast, the electrical sockets in the walls provide a reasonable charging speed.


4. Use original wire :

It is always recommended to use the original cable and adapter to charge the phone. Using a different brand of charger can damage your device’s battery and reduce charging speed.


5. Close apps running in the background :

Applications running in the background make the most of the device’s battery without being used. Even if the battery is being used by those apps which are of no use, even then the smartphone usually charges slowly. Closing these apps running in the background can speed up the charging speed.


6. Turn on airplane mode :

Turning on airplane mode significantly increases the charging speed of the smartphone. This mode disconnects the device from the network, which reduces battery usage.


7. Avoid recharging the phone at short intervals :

The battery in any smartphone comes with some charging cycles. Slightly charging the phone at short intervals affects battery life and reduces charging speeds in the long run.


8. Avoid charging overnight :

Charging overnight will not damage the smartphone, but it can damage the battery in the long run and slow down the charging speed.


9. Avoid using the smartphone while charging :

We should avoid using smartphones while charging. Answering a phone call or playing a game while charging can damage your device. This process can also slow down your phone’s charging speed.






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